National Institute of Research into Aquatic Habitats

NIRAH aims to change the way that the world looks at our freshwater habitats and the species that inhabit them. Two of the major aims of this project will be the protection of endangered habitats and the captive breeding of rare endangered species. This will be done through the construction of an aquarium-vivarium and research facilities together with outdoor wetland landscapes and leisure facilities.

The chosen site is a one hundred hectare former brick-pit in Bedfordshire. The landscape design is a direct response to the essential properties of the site and its industrial past. This has established a logical site geography of horizontal earthworks, ditches and scrapes, that form pocket gardens of varying character and scale.

  • ArchitectsNicholas Grimshaw Architects
  • EngineersSKM Anthony Hunts, ARUP
  • LocationBedfordshire
  • Site area100 Hectares
  • ClientNational Institute of Research into Aquatic Habitats
  • Project value£350 million