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Supertrees, Gardens by the Bay


The Supertrees are a fusion of nature, art and technology and as such, are emblematic of the Masterplan approach. They are at one level spectacular vertical gardens and landmark features, and at another they are the environmental engines for the Cooled Conservatories, incorporating devices for water harvesting and storage, air intake, cooling and exhaust, photovoltaic arrays, solar collectors.

The Supertrees are arranged in clusters around the Gardens. In this way they announce the principal entrances but also, in the Supertree Grove, they define the very heart of the Gardens. Each cluster has its own planted character and each Supertree has a specific environmental function.

SNG233 N1188 Photography by Darren Soh

It was always intended that these Supertrees would include sophisticated environmental technologies and that they would be part of the life support systems for the Cooled Conservatories.

It was also intended that these trees take on a distinctive night time character through the use of leading edge digital display and lighting technologies.

The Supertrees have become highly sophisticated structures that are testing the extremes of horticulture, structure and digital technologies whilst offering distinctive visual landmarks within the gardens and neighbourhood.

SNG233 N419
SNG233 N1193 Photography by Darren Soh
SNG233 N1209 Photography by Darren Soh
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National Parks Board, Singapore
Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Atelier One, Atelier Ten