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SuDS Manual 2015

United Kingdom

We worked alongside CIRIA and a specialist team for two years to develop the revised SuDS Manual 2015. The 968-page manual focuses on the cost-effective planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of SuDS.

CIRIA has created the new SuDS Manual (C753) to highlight the value of rainwater and the benefits of its capture and management, rather than treating the element as a nuisance or problem. The manual aims to demonstrate how high quality drainage solutions can, as in the case of our award-winning projects, improve the overall quality of all development schemes.

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Alongside developing the graphic design and navigation of the manual, we devised all the illustrations in the publication and authored Chapter 10, ‘Designing for the Urban Environment’.

During the process our team has drawn on its extensive national and international experience of creating projects that are inspired by SuDS.

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Landscape Institute Awards - Landscape Policy and Research Award
Highly Commended
Chris Binnie Sustainable Water management - ICE Awards
Highly Commended
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