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Northstowe Phase 2A

Cambridge, UK

Grant Associates was appointed to help create a new settlement inspired by historic Inholm with a strong edge condition created through the architectural form.

Within the settlement, a hierarchy of streets, routes, squares and courtyard gardens are created with a sense of enclosure to encourage social interaction. With increasingly busy and isolated lifestyles the creation of such spaces is vital to encourage residents to pause, sit, say greet your neighbour, play and interact with each other and with the natural world.

Across Northstowe development there is a desire to incorporate productive and edible landscapes. This is a way to awaken the community to their biophilic response to the natural world. We have therefore introduced this into the scheme in avariety of ways. In particular, the Guided Busway/ Linear Park design has been designed as a ‘Productive and Playful’ trail with a focus on edible tree species such as fruit and nut bearing trees.

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Northstowe Phase 2 is included in the NHS England Healthy New Town (HNT) initiative. How the built environment is designed to facilitate healthier lifestyles is a key principle. The concept of ‘Play on the Way’ is used to set up a series of playful routes throughout the development that appeal to both children and adults. The creation of more immersive garden spaces is also important to create pockets of calm retreat for people and encourage urban biodiversity to thrive.

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