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Inter-Town Cycle Route


Grant Associates is the landscape architect for the Singapore River Park Connector between Kim Seng Park and North Boat Quay. The Connector crosses Singapore’s City Centre and is part of the Round Island Route. The route is crossing a very diverse part of Singapore which transitions from quieter sub-urban areas with adjacent private condos to a very central and touristy part of town.

The Cycle Route alternates between the north and south bank of the Singapore River. The cycle route will be a shared route unifyingcurrently fragmented stretches of river promenade. The project optimises connectivity while providing additional spaces for recreation and riverside enjoyment. The new route mostly runs alongside existing active developments. Where possible, more space is created for the users. Where no additional space is available, restricted passages are rationalised and clutter removed.

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Key nodes are :

  • South of Ord Bridge: a completely new fully vegetated connector with some comfortable resting spots, where there was previously only a narrow path.
  • North Boat Quay: a new tree-lined public space which subtly separates cyclists and pedestrians to replace a previously empty and undefined hardscape area.
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