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Endau Rompin Environmental Framework


Endau Rompin is a vast expanse of tropical rainforest covering 80,702 Hectares spanning the Johor - Pahang State border. The Park includes virgin rainforest, spectacular landforms, and a variety of rare and charismatic fauna including the endangered Malayan Tiger and is the second largest National Park in Peninsular Malaysia.

In collaboration with Biodiversity by Design, we worked with PEERS Consult (M) Sdn.. Bhd. as the environmental consultants for an ecotourism and environmental framework strategy for the sustainable future of Endau Rompin.

ERT 339 N13

The study set out a region-wide sustainable tourism and environmental management framework for both the National Park and the Pahang Endau Rompin State Park and includes an appraisal of the existing baseline environmental conditions; recommended management zoning, through to key ecotourism and sustainable development proposals at the existing base camps.

ERT 339 N8
SILA Gold Award for Masterplanning
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ECERDC (East Coast Economic Region Development Council) Malaysia
Biodiversity by Design
PEERS Consult (M) Sdn. Bhd.