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East Village: Victory Park & Belvedere


The park's central focus has been to create a truly memorable space with a humanistic vision. The principles of biophilia and the psychology of colours form the foundation of a striking conceptual language weaving together elements of beauty, effortlessly blending nature and artifice to give rise to a captivating collection of ambiences, atmospheres, and multifunctional spaces, all driven by a strong ecological narrative.

Victory Park and Belvedere collectively span an area of approximately 17,975 sqm, while Belvedere alone covers around 6,900 sqm. These public spaces played host to athletes and officials during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Following a comprehensive retrofit program for all buildings, East Village welcomed its inaugural permanent residents in 2013. However, the open expanses and communal areas remained unchanged. As East Village has evolved into a thriving residential community since 2012, it has become apparent that the existing landscape may not fully serve the needs of today’s residents. This realization prompted the formulation of a new vision for the public realm.

GRANT East Village Cam Victory 04 Playground Final V2
GRANT East Village Victory Park FINAL V02

The overarching goal of this project is to establish East Village as a distinctive destination, redefining its identity through a multi-layered, biodiverse landscape that encapsulates the concept of “Greeted by Green.” The design concept transcends mere utilitarianism, striving to create a captivating and imaginative public realm. A truly memorable and recognizable landscape is one that imprints lasting memories in the minds of its users, kindling a desire to revisit, engage, and experience it. To this end, a creative interplay is proposed between the organic forms found in nature and the intricate patterns seen in fashion, specifically drawing inspiration from camouflage designs. The fusion of these two visual languages imparts a dynamic and ever-evolving canvas upon which the landscape design can respond and adapt to the evolving context.

The planning application was unanimously approved by The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC).

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