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Yuan Zhang

BA (Hons)

Yuan Zhang has over 13 years of professional working experience in China, South Asia, Europe, and the UK. Her experience is varied; from large-scale urban projects to medium-sized commercial landscapes, as well as gardens and multiple completed art installations.

Her years of experience in Asian projects helped her re-examine the meaning of landscape design. Yuan believes that landscape architecture requires a high level of attention and skill as cities worldwide densify and grow into mega-metropolises. She wants landscapes to be more than just a commercial selling point or a backdrop for people to take selfies on social media. Instead, it should be more about the future, sustainability, and diversity of the environment.

Yuan is fascinated with creating landscapes that are bold and that have artistic elements in the design. The aim of her work is to add character to a landscape that will encourage a positive relationship between the user and the environment as well as ensuring the landscape is visited repeatedly.

She has led several design projects with BAM and Martha Schwartz Partners and various high-profile international projects and competitions. Since joining Grant Associates in 2022, Yuan has been a part of a team leading a large-scale public realm project in East London.