R 210722 Pascal Tan

Tan He Zheng (Pascal)

Landscape Architect

Pursuing Landscape Architecture in an ever-changing built environment, Pascal takes pride in engaging projects through attention and transparency.

He believes it is important for Landscape Architects to understand the complex socio-ecology that has been deeply woven into our current built environment. to iterate innovative design and technology that strongly emphasizes harmony and coexistence between human and nature while establishing a built environment that is site-specific and genuine. Especially more important for us (Landscape Architects) to take a paradigm shift to tackle the current depleted environment that poses com-plex challenges, where our design decision could lead to unpredictable implications.

Looking to improve his capacity as a Landscape Architect, Pascal advanced to complete his Bachelor in Landscape Architectural Design at RMIT, Melbourne Australia, and returned to Grant Associates in 2020.