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Ibrahim Diaz Vera

Associate Director

Ibrahim is an architect with over 14 years of experience in designing public spaces, emphasizing the integration of architecture, urbanism, and art. He sees himself as a "designer" and firmly believes in the transformative power of design to influence people's perceptions. His passion lies in creating unique and impactful landscape interventions that evoke a sense of place and identity. Ibrahim's design approach combines natural and artificial elements to support biodiversity and cater to human emotions. He values conceptual thinking and incorporates unconventional elements to enhance the overall design aesthetic. In 2023, he was recognized as a Fellow by the Landscape Institute, honouring his achievements and leadership in the industry.

Drawing inspiration from diverse life experiences, Ibrahim develops a comprehensive design vision that encompasses both complex urban systems and the perspectives of individuals on a human scale. He believes that every project, regardless of its size, offers an opportunity to create meaningful designs. His portfolio exemplifies this belief, featuring notable projects such as the landscape masterplan for Distrito Castella Norte, the design of the Singapore Highspeed Railway Station landscape, the conceptualization of Southbank Melbourne's rooftop and public realm, and the recent reimagining of East Village.

Ibrahim's love for immersing himself in diverse cultures is apparent. He was born in Tenerife, studied in Madrid, and has lived in various countries including Hungary, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, the UK, and Spain. Embracing different cultures enriches his design proposals and allows him to develop cutting-edge solutions tailored to the local context. Beyond his professional life, Ibrahim finds joy in animals and plants. His home reflects this passion, hosting a vibrant collection of plants, multiple aquariums, and three cats. During his leisure time, he delights in Southeast Asia, where he can explore rainforests and engage in scuba diving, two natural experiences he loves.