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Elsa Larcher

BA (Hons) MA
Senior Landscape Architect

Nature lover with a curious and creative instinct, Elsa decided to become a landscape architect to make the best use of her time, skills and creativity.

Passionate about planting, Elsa believes that there are endless opportunities to create diverse spaces and immersive experiences for people. Her enthusiasm is driven every day by knowing that landscape architecture bridges ecology, communities, and well-designed spaces. In her opinion, landscape architecture is a multi-disciplinary career dedicated to bringing nature back into people’s life, which is an indirect way of preserving and potentially healing our endangered biodiverse environment. Because if everyone has the opportunity to experience the benefits of being surrounded by green spaces, one might respect and protect it a bit more.

As designers of public spaces, we have the opportunity and responsibility to enhance people’s well-being whilst inspiring them to preserve our environment.

Prior to joining Grant Associates, Elsa was at Gustafson Porter & Bowman where she worked on “Site Tour Eiffel” project; a well known project that is reimaging the landscape of the Eiffel Tower. Since joining our practise in 2023, Elsa is currently working on a large masterplan project in Monaco.