The Exchange, Greengate

The Exchange, Greengate is a mixed-use development with new public open spaces in Salford, near Manchester.

Grant Associates’ landscape design and public realm strategy aims to re-establish the heart and character of Salford and to draw people into the area from Manchester and beyond.

Design details:

  • Elegant new urban square provides a space for people to sit, meet, relax and eat outdoors
  • Featuring extensive planting of mature street trees, it is a flexible space, allowing events such as exhibitions and concerts – an urban playspace for all ages
  • Comprising a large shallow pool and waterwall, the Cove forms an innovative new gathering place and a dramatic connection between Salford and Manchester
  • A broad, dedicated pedestrian walkway and market place are formed by the reconfiguration of an existing viaduct
  • A light channel separates the walkway from a reduced vehicular route
  • This tunnel contains artworks, openings to the sky and new links sideways into the viaduct vaults
  • A strip of lighting runs the length of the viaduct, connecting the square with the Cove
  • ArchitectsFeilden Clegg Bradley Studios
  • Quantity SurveyorsDavis Langdon
  • LocationSalford UK
  • Site area2.3 Hectares
  • ClientSalford City Council, Ask, Network Rail
  • Project value£11 million