St Paul’s School

Grant Associates were commissioned to produce a landscape framework for the development of St Paul’s School (both junior and senior school) over 25 years. The school’s spectacular setting on the banks of the River Thames offered opportunities to create a diverse range of courtyard spaces for the school and enhance the ecological potential of the site.

The design strategy seeks to provide a safe, accessible and stimulating school environment that integrates learning with biodiversity and sustainability.

John Colet Square forms a new point of arrival that sets the identity of St Paul’s School. Semi-mature tree planting and lines of clipped hedges frame the view of the John Colet Statue and provide space for external seating.

St Paul’s Courtyard forms a new external centrepiece for the school community. The landscape detailing complements the curvature of the adjacent library building and aims to create a sense of playfulness and imagination at the heart of the school. Riverside Court is a new external space adjacent to the river, that develops the school’s relationship with the Thames and provides a flexible venue for learning and recreation.

  • ArchitectsPatel Taylor Architects, Nicholas Hare Architects
  • EngineersArup
  • LocationLondon
  • Site area16.3 Hectares
  • ClientSt Paul’s School
  • Project value£120 million