New Cross Gate NDC Centre

Grant Associates were appointed as landscape architects for the project, following a successful competition entry with Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios. The aim is to create a distinctive and high-quality landscape environment that will bring a sense of pride to the people of New Cross and contribute to the quality and diversity of the neighbourhood.

A powerful feature of the landscape design is the main public realm, designed to reinforce the strategic connection between New Cross Road, Besson Street and Briant Street. The key desire routes have been developed to engage with the main hub and adjacent activities such as the art studios, cafés and community gardens, creating an extended urban space that fuses with the wider site context and new building geometries. This connection is conceived as a wide, colourful and predominantly paved experience with a dynamic ‘digital river’ punctuated by a grove of semi-mature tulip trees.

  • ArchitectsFeilden Clegg Bradley Studios
  • EngineersMax Fordham LLP Ramboll Whitbybird
  • LocationLondon
  • Site area1 Hectare
  • ClientNDC: New Cross Gate
  • Project value£30 million