GEMS World Academy

GEMS World Academy, Etoy, Switzerland, is located in unique landscape setting with magnificent vistas towards the picturesque Lake Geneva and surrounding Alpine mountains.

Grant Associates has been responsible for designing the landscape masterplan from the initial concept stages to completion. Our vision was to create an efficient, attractive, exciting educational environment, allowing pupils and teachers freedom of movement, accessibility and inclusion.

Design details:

  • Elegant alignments of Lime trees, formal hedges and Espaliers
  • Quality sports pitches and facilities
  • Free-play areas
  • Productive orchard gardens
  • Sensory educational gardens
  • Wildflower meadow
  • Structured coppice thickets
  • Naturalised hedgerow
  • Collection of World Oaks
  • ArchitectsCCHE
  • LocationEtoy, Switzerland
  • Site area3.86 Hectares
  • ClientGEMS Education