Gardens by the Bay – Theme Gardens

The Theme Gardens showcase the best of tropical horticulture and garden artistry. Together with mass flowering and coloured foliage landscape, they form a spectacle of colour, texture and fragrance, providing a mesmerising experience for visitors.

The Themed Gardens feature two spectacular collections, one focused on ‘Plants and People’, the other on ‘Plants and Planet’.

Heritage Gardens – ‘Plants and People’

The 4 Heritage Gardens reflect Singapore’s 4 main ethnic groups as well as the city-state’s colonial heritage. Each Garden explores the rich cultural significance of different plant species:

  • Malay Garden – the story of life in a traditional village
  • Indian Garden – inspired by a traditional lotus flower motif
  • Chinese Garden – inspirational places for writers, poets and artists
  • Colonial Garden – the story of crops, spices and plants as ‘Engines of Empire’

The World of Plants – ‘Plants and Planet’

The World of Plants forms the second collection of Gardens and is based on the theme ‘Plants and Planet’, showcasing the biodiversity of plant life on our planet:

  • Secret Life of Trees – functions, evolution and role of trees in the rainforest
  • World of Palms – celebrating the rich diversity and shapes of tropical palms
  • Understorey – stories about plants of the forest floor and their roots
  • Fruits and Flowers – exploring the amazing forms and functions of different species
  • Discovery Garden – plant evolution through ancient groups of plants
  • Web of Life – the interrelationship between rainforest flora with fauna

The Gardens were designed by Grant Associates and planted by the National Parks Board of Singapore, which was a fulfilling and enlightening partnership.

  • ArchitectsWilkinson Eyre Architects
  • EngineersAtelier One, Atelier Ten
  • Quantity SurveyorsDavis Langdon and Seah Ltd
  • LocationBay South, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
  • Site area54 Hectares
  • ClientNational Parks Board
  • Project value£500 million