Gardens by the Bay – Far East Organization Children’s Garden

The Far East Organization Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay is inspired by the natural instincts of children. Providing children with an innovative facility that gives them the opportunity to play with nature in nature, hide, climb, explore, paint, cook, dig and in ways that contribute to their full growth potential.

Within this project we had the rare opportunity to develop a bespoke play space collaborating with Howeler and Yoon, Playpoint and CT-Art to create our own play equipment that looked to evoke the magic of the rainforest and results in the unique play experiences offered.

Design details:

  • Water Play is the centrepiece of the Garden using modern water play technology, including Hydro Vaults, Water Splines and orchid-shaped splash buckets.
  • Two treehouses set within a thicket of rainforest trees to bring a sense of adventure and close contact with trees.
  • An Adventure Trail follows the edge of the Children’s Garden with a series of topiary pergola arches that shade a linked series of balancing, clambering, swinging and climbing elements to allow children the opportunity to enjoy a different type of forest trail.

  • LocationBay South, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
  • Site area1 Hectare
  • ClientNational Parks Board


LIAS Playground Best of Category