Gardens by the Bay – Competition

Following an international design competition the team, led by Grant Associates, was selected to prepare the masterplan for Bay South Gardens in Singapore as part of the National Parks Board Gardens by the Bay project.

The 54 hectare masterplan takes its inspiration from the organisation and physiology of the orchid. The orchid is the national flower of Singapore and is the most cosmopolitan species of flowering plant in the world. At the same time it is typically epiphytic or transient in its colonisation of habitats. It seemed to us entirely appropriate to capture the essential qualities and characteristics of orchids in the layout and underlying philosophy for these new gardens.

First the garden takes root on a piece of new garden infrastructure and grows out towards the City. Leaves (earthworks) and roots (water, energy, communication systems) and shoots (paths, roads and links) create an integrated network across the space and beautiful flowers (feature/theme gardens) occur at key intersections or nodes.

The masterplan has evolved from these simple ideas into a highly sophisticated and integrated 3D network of horticulture, art, engineering and architecture. It is chasing the idea of creating a highly distinctive and decorative garden landscape underpinned by serious engineering of environmental infrastructure and world-class garden architecture. This holistic vision is captured in the concept diagram of the garden ecosystem.

  • ArchitectsWilkinson Eyre Architects
  • EngineersAtelier One, Atelier Ten
  • Quantity SurveyorsDavis Langdon and Seah Ltd
  • LocationSingapore
  • Site area54 Hectares
  • ClientNational Parks Board
  • Project value£500 million