CET Campus West

Working closely with RSP, we are the landscape architects for the new National Continuing Education and Training (CET) Campus West in Singapore. This new urban campus will serve as a key gateway to deliver integrated and effective skills upgrading for both workers and employers of Singapore.

Design details:

  • Series of contemporary landscape spaces allowing comfortable access and movement around the campus
  • Collection of spaces to inspire and stimulate learning, and allow relaxation and contemplation
  • Careful planning of shade, shelter, seating and urban ecology
  • Different character areas which reveal themselves as users move through the building
  • A ‘landscape of learning’ which respects the needs and expectations of the wider community
  • Distinctive paving geometry based the natural geometries of banana leaf veins, which twist and distort at their edges
  • ArchitectsRSP Architects, Planners and Engineers PTE
  • EngineersRSP Architects, Planners and Engineers PTE
  • Quantity SurveyorsLangdon and Seah
  • LocationJurong Lake District, Singapore
  • ClientThe Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA)