Situated between the Al Jamhuriyah Street and the Suq al Tulata sector in Tripoli, the redevelopment of Almansoora comprises of mixed use residential, commercial retail and leisure space.

Grant Associates were part of a British design team working on masterplan proposals for the site. Our particular focus is on the public realm and landscape design elements of the project.

Design details:

  • Focus on zoning, massing and density of the overall masterplan and urban grids
  • Integration of key public transport routes including a tramline and rapid transit bus routes
  • Avenue planting and colonnades along the Al Jamhuriyah Boulevard fa├žade
  • Proposals for Al Jamhuriyah Square, a major public event space, road junction and transport interchange
  • Proposals for the new retail and leisure area, including malls, parkland and outdoor sports courts
  • Character development of all major street typologies from primary boulevards to residential mews streets
  • CollaboratorsFCBs Architects, Max Fordham, AKT Engineers
  • LocationLibya
  • ClientECOU, Optimum Alinmaa Development and Almansoora Co.