Our Mission

We Connect People and Nature

The relationship between People and Nature is at the heart of our thinking.  Our mission is to reveal the wonders of the natural world and to embed these within the plans and designs of our future human environment.

We believe that cities and all development projects must be reconnected with the life force and wonder of nature and that Landscape and Urban Design cannot simply be about aesthetics or sustainable resource management alone. Instead, it must create a framework that creates an inspirational environment for physical and sensory encounters with nature whilst sustaining and enhancing the core natural resources of food, air, water and biodiversity.

Respecting the Ecology and Culture of the Global Landscape

Climate change is likely to have serious implications for biodiversity and for cultural lifestyles in many parts of the globe. We believe it essential that our work reflects this changing world and that our proposals for local projects respond to this global predicament.

We are struck by how the most rapidly developing countries often lie within some of the harshest and environmentally challenging environments such as the Middle East, Asia and South America. In the last few years we have developed a particular understanding of the tropical environments of South East Asia, the arid/desert regions of North Africa and the warm climates of the Mediterranean to add to our knowledge and experience of the temperate climates of Northern Europe.

As a practice we are undertaking research to understand how climate change and related issues inform our work.

Working Across the Biomes

Tropical/Sub Tropical

Tropical landscapes are a treasure chest of untapped creative opportunities and scientific value, but they are under serious pressure from human development and climate change demanding a shift in the way natural tropical habitats are viewed. Working in tropical rainforest regions requires an awareness of the potential extremes of the climate (high temperature, high rainfall and high humidity) and how to deliver solutions that moderate the environment for human comfort whilst recognising the opportunities for luxurious and biodiverse planting schemes unthinkable in drier climates. Grant Associates has been developing an understanding of the tropical and sub tropical landscapes through our work in Singapore and other regions.


Deserts are some of the harshest environments for life on earth and offer unique challenges to landscape planning and design. Conversely, these areas are often homes to some of the oldest cultures of the world who have survived these conditions through millennia and created a legacy of innovation and adaptation in the fight for survival. Future arid and desert landscapes will need to adopt new innovations to counter the increasing lack of available potable water and the need to utilise the lessons of history and new technologies to provide beauty, and biodiversity alongside productivity, shade and shelter. Grant Associates has worked on a number of projects in Arid and desert environments.


The Mediterranean landscapes are the comfort zones of the world. They provide an extraordinarily rich and historic palette of wild habitats, cultivated landscapes and cultured parks and gardens from which to take inspiration for future landscapes. At the same time, these landscapes are at particular risk from climate change and shrinking habitat zones. Grant Associates has worked on a number of planning concepts and design proposals for more sustainable masterplans and landscape projects in Spain and Italy.


The green landscapes of the temperate regions have the potential to become exemplars of climate change adaptation and moderation. The policies and commitments of private and public organisations as well as the opinions of the general public in the temperate regions have established a shifting emphasis towards more sustainable designs and management systems. Grant Associates has been developing techniques and experience in such sustainable landscapes for over 15 years and has been involved in a number of exemplary environmental design projects.