Yue Rao CMLI BA (Hons), MLA, Msc

Landscape Architect

Studied Planning for Developing Countries at Newcastle University 2012-2013, Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art 2010-2012, and Environmental Design at Southwest Jiatong University 2006-2010.

Yue joined Grant Associates after completing her master’s degree in Planning and Landscape Architecture.

In 2014 she was picked by Noel Farrer (President of the Landscape Institute) as one of three young landscape designers and was awarded as a ‘one to watch’ by the Design Council.

She is interested in making better places for people and wildlife, approaching projects from both design and planning perspectives. She is particularly interested in exploring ideas for building smarter cities, landscapes and environments for both humans and nature.

Apart from her creative ideas and concepts, Yue has very strong visual communication skills, using a wide variety of graphic to illustrate design ideas.