Jack Wu BA (Hons) BSocSc (Hons) PgD LA PgD GIS CMLI

Senior Landscape Architect

Studied BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture at Kingston University, 2002-2005 and PgD Landscape Architecture at Kingston University, 2006-2007

Jack joined Grant Associates in 2016. He is a Chartered Landscape Architect with 10+ years experience in the landscape design industry across the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Jack is passionate about creating memorable and playful places and strongly believes that design needs a collaborative attitude that must work hard as social, cultural, environmental and urban infrastructure. He has had a profound impact on the way people enjoy life, and their behaviour and contribution to civic life through the projects that he has realised through implementation and subsequent management.

Alongside his professional works Jack is a Supervisor for the Landscape Institute UK. Pathway to Chartership.

The quality of projects he has been responsible for has been recognised by awards from major professional institutions, including 2012 London Olympic Parklands and Public Realm, 2016 Olympic Park Design Competition, Rio de Janeiro and Datong Wenying Lake.