17/07/19 -

Shortlisted masterplans for MK:U International Design Competition revealed

AerialView MKU

(Image courtesy of Hawkins\Brown) A proposal by Hawkins\Brown with KCAP, BuroHappold Engineering, Sam Jacob Studio and Grant Associates is one of five masterplans shortlisted for the MK:U International Design Competition. Milton Keynes originated as a place where knowledge, leisure, culture, technology and nature all come together, and this ambition continues to the present day. Milton…

Forest of Imagination stages festival of creativity with the Holburne Museum

Dreamer the Rabbit at Forest of Imagination 2019

Thousands of Bath residents and visitors enjoyed a magical weekend of creativity when pop-up contemporary arts festival Forest of Imagination was staged at The Holburne Museum. The award-winning arts event returned to the city on 20-24 June 2019 with a multi-sensory array of outdoor and participatory art installations, workshops and sculptures in the museum grounds and Sydney…

11/07/19 -

Oak Processionary Moth

The Landscape Institute has notified its members that rootballed oak trees imported from the Netherlands in the last year and planted in different locations across the UK are infested with Oak Processionary Moth.  Caterpillars of the Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) are a pest which can be a hazard to the health of oak trees, people…