Supertree Grove Colonnade

The Colonnade at Bay South, Gardens by the Bay is an innovative example of using in-situ concrete elegantly. The Colonnade provides a shaded and sheltered walkway for visitors with views out to the Supertree Grove. The form of the colonnade supports the load from extensive forest planting and theme garden visitor attractions above.

Inspired by Darwin’s sketches of the branching patterns of trees, the Tree of Life is used as an in-situ concrete relief pattern along the Colonnade rear wall. The diagrammatic branching pattern is a feature of the gardens and implies networks and interrelationships. It is developed further in the Flower Dome as a central motif to each garden terrace set into the pavement. The nodes become planters, information points and interpretation or simple decorative stone inserts. Within the Colonnade large circular apertures form viewports into sunken gardens containing sculptures and artefacts.

The concrete specification and detailing was tested in a series of mock-ups, this included the formation of the columns, soffit and pattern.