Species Conservation – Asian Tigers

We’re involved in the creation of environmental framework strategy for the sustainable future of Endau Rompin, the second largest National Park in Peninsular Malaysia and one of the last natural habitats of the Asian Tiger.

  • To champion the national Government’s Tiger Action Plan and Central Forest Spine projects and other measures to protect the Tiger, in particular forest protection and restoration and anti-poaching measures
  • In particular emphasis should be placed on identifying and protecting important tiger habitats outside of core protected areas.
  • Key objective: To provide a safe and secure sanctuary for the Tiger, the ecosystems and life zones within The Park

“Through this plan, the Malaysian government has the opportunity to present healthy tiger populations as an exemplar of its on-going efforts to develop economically in a sustainable manner rather than the Malayan tiger becoming another symbol of the systematic loss of tropical forest and an ecosystem in crisis. The presence of healthy tiger populations across the CFS will signify the balanced progression of the country’s ecology, society, culture and economy and, ultimately, an enhancement of the quality of life of Malaysians, which is the essence of the Vision 2020”