Forest of Imagination 2015

The Forest of Imagination is a four-day contemporary arts event designed by Grant Associates in collaboration with creative local businesses and artists. Each year the event transforms part of Bath into an imagined, fantastical landscape.

The event is a place for art and participation; the reinvention of a familiar space to inspire intuitive play, imaginative thought and to heighten a sense of nature and the city environment.

In 2015 Bath’s historic Queen Square became the home for the magical “Forest of Imagination”.

Over 6,000 visitors enjoyed chances to meet Dreamer, a 7.5 metre tall giant rabbit, play in a bamboo installation, make a forest book, assemble a giant monster from recycled materials, become Lost Explorers to discover the flora and fauna of the Forest with the House of Fairy tales and enjoy a series of talks on play and imagination.

We wanted to create a mini ‘Universe of Play’ with four distinctly different worlds and an atmosphere of fun. Over the weekend the Forest of Imagination exploded into an entire galaxy of delight. Ingredients of enormous and tiny, light and dark, living and dead, old and young, sun and cloud, colour and sound all contributed to the special ambience.