Forest of Imagination 2014

The Forest of Imagination is a four-day contemporary arts event designed by Grant Associates in collaboration with creative local businesses and artists. Each year the event transforms part of Bath into an imagined, fantastical landscape.

The event is a place for art and participation; the reinvention of a familiar space to inspire intuitive play, imaginative thought and to heighten a sense of nature and the city environment.

The first Forest of Imagination event took place in 2014 at the Bath Spa University Sion Hill Campus. Working alongside a number of designers, artists and local schools, the grounds of the Sion Hill campus became a hidden delight. The installation worked with the existing fabric of mature trees, glades, grassy slopes and secret pathways to create a trail of experiences orbiting a magical Forest glade.

The experience was heightened by a variety of artworks embedded within the landscape, each responding to the exotic, otherworldly, scary and surprising character of the forest heart. Colourful objects, recycled sculptures and borrowed elements were reworked into the fabric of the landscape to help draw the visitors into an alternative experience of nature in the city.

Over the 4 day event it attracted an unusual crowd from school groups, to the attendees of the South West RSA annual meeting, to artists, students, parents, grandparents and most importantly children of all ages. The House of Fairy Tales brought along their Imagination Generator to inspire everyone to search the Forest for inspiration while the Natural Theatre Company populated the Forest with life size Gnomes and Nannies. It was a fantastically rewarding, playful and sunny experience for all involved.