Respecting the Ecology and Culture of the Global Landscape.

Our core objective is to connect people with nature and in all of our work we are conscious of the different cultures and ecologies that form the basic foundation for each project. We are struck by how the most rapidly developing countries often lie within some of the harshest and environmentally challenging environments such as the Middle East, Asia and South America. In the last few years we have developed a particular understanding of the tropical environments of South East Asia, the arid/desert regions of North Africa and the warm climates of the Mediterranean to add to our knowledge and experience of the temperate climates of Northern Europe.

The rising atmospheric concentration of CO2 will increasingly warm the global climate and enhance the photosynthesis of some plants. Water availability will be affected with extensive areas of the planet moving towards physical scarcity of water within the next 20 years. Research is tracking changes in the distribution of global biomes and the parallel impact on human patterns of land use. These changes are likely to have serious implications for biodiversity and for cultural lifestyles in many parts of the globe. We believe it essential that our work reflects this changing world and that our proposals for local projects respond to this global predicament.