Creating The Supertrees

In this film, James Clarke, Associate Landscape Architect at Grant Associates, talks about bringing the vision of The Supertrees to life in a fusion of design, nature and technology.

There are 18 Supertrees in total and their heights vary from 25m to 50m high. They evoke science fiction and yet are tangible and real, enormous and expressive in scale form and colour. They act as astonishing vertical tropical gardens, distinctive landmarks in the city, and perform a number of important environmental services including supporting photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvesting, hot air venting, exhaust flume venting and biodiversity habitat.

The idea and feel for the Supertrees was in part inspired by the ‘Valley of the Giants’ in SW Australia, and the striking experience of changing from the normal eucalyptus forest into the super tall worlds of the Karri trees. This physical reference was merged with the magical experience of the forest seen in the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke. The experience was completed with a daytime – night-time transformation using an innovative light show.